The role of a software platform when transitioning from ADAS to autonomous driving

The role of a software platform when transitioning from ADAS to autonomous driving


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Kerry Johnson
Product Manager
QNX Software Systems
Kerry Johnson
Kerry Johnson is the product manager responsible for QNX Software Systems' portfolio of ADAS and autonomous vehicle products.

Prior to joining QNX Software Systems, Kerry worked at BlackBerry, Nortel Networks and a number of telecommunications start-ups; working as a product manager, project manager, software architect and software design manager in a wide range of software applications. Kerry holds a Bachelor's in Applied Sciences from the University of Regina.
Kris Keach
Contributing Editor
Kris Keach

The automotive industry is investing heavily in autonomous driving technologies. Automotive OEMs are defining their roadmap; evolving from their current ADAS feature set to a fully autonomous driving features. With autonomous vehicles on the horizon, now more than ever, software will play a critical role in this evolution. This webinar will explore how this evolution impacts embedded automotive software.

Attend this webinar to learn about:

  • The emergence of high performance embedded system on chips (SoCs) targeting ADAS and autonomous vehicle applications
  • The impact of increasing system integration and autonomous technology on embedded software
  • The need for functional safety standards such as ISO 26262
  • The emergence of pre-certified products as part of the solution to address safety challenges
  • The role of a software platform to support evolution from ADAS to autonomous driving

Who should attend? Software developers, software engineering managers, project managers and others involved in building next generation advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).

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