Enterprise Ethernet IP for Data Center SoC Designs

Enterprise Ethernet IP for Data Center SoC Designs


Available On Demand
Duration 60min
John Swanson
Product Line Manager, DesignWare Ethernet IP
John Swanson
John Swanson has been working in the IP business since 1990 when he joined Logic Automation / Modeling which was later acquired by Synopsys. John has worked in the design, verification, integration and implementation aspects of complex IP in engineering methodology, and business development and marketing. He has been working on System-on-a-Chip technologies and methodologies for over ten years with Synopsys in a variety of assignments. Currently he is the product line manager for the DesignWare Ethernet family of Digital cores as well as JPEG, 1394 and the IP reuse tools. Prior to joining Synopsys he worked for Amoco Oil Company designing wellhead automation and control systems. He is an Honor graduate from DeVry Institute of Technology where he completed his engineering degree with Presidents List honors.

Ethernet, the tried-and-true networking protocol, continues to evolve to meet bandwidth requirements. With the explosion of data driven by social networking, streaming videos, on-line gaming, and more, the Ethernet protocol is supporting these demands with faster speeds, lower power consumption, and smaller area use. This webinar will review the drivers behind Ethernet developments for data center networks and how the new DesignWare Enterprise 40G Ethernet MAC and PCS Controller IP meets these demands. We will also review the complete solution from Synopsys consisting of the Enterprise 40G MAC, Enterprise 40G PCS and Enterprise 10G PHY.

What the registrant will learn:

  • Market factors driving the demand for Enterprise Ethernet
  • Introduction to the DesignWare Enterprise Ethernet Solution for Data Centers
  • Complete solution for Enterprise Ethernet designers from Synopsys

Who should attend:
Systems designers, SoC designers, project managers, business development managers

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